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    Peter Adamson

    I live up a Welsh valley where they used to mine coal. Now it is a green & leafy place, with most of the signs of  the old mine workings gone. Though much of the old mining population still live in the valleys, I only moved into the area about ten years ago. I was taking advantage of cheap housing.

    It’s not a bad place to live because it’s largely rural: woods, moorland, freshwater springs & streams, clean air to breathe, more or less. What a contrast to say fifty years ago, when the pits were still working.

    What has been a surprise is  coming across buddhas in peoples windows and gardens. I haven’t met any practising buddhists yet – to my knowledge – but perhaps they just don’t  talk about it. ‘He who speaks, does not know…’ That sort of thing. Namo Amida Bu

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    Waving from Malvern – hope to see you again sometime! Sounds like a lovely part of the world.

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