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    hi, I’m ken and am now on day 17 of 30 days of nembutsu .I live in south east London/kent. I was inspired /motivated to have a go after coming across the wonderful book  Buddhism for foolish beings and started practicing whilst reading it. I practice zen but am doing my nembutsu on top of that to see how I get on .So far I have found it a more consistently  enjoyable experience even when stuff comes up and is more  in line with what drew me to Buddhism in the first place , ie  a spacious open feeling where things as time goes by become apparent and stuff you don’t want becomes irksome and naturally falls away. Am reading lots and enjoying learning more about pure land Buddhism. Still early days .Who knows, onwards .

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    Welcome Ken! You’re not the only one to have done the course – there are fellow travellers ahead of you & behind you. Hope you enjoy connecting with this virtual sangha.

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    Hi and thankyou Rev Satya Robyn. I look forward to engageing.

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