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      Not so long ago, on a Sunday afternoon I sat outside a Greggs bakery store in Birmingham eating a vegan roll and watching the traffic go by. There were all sorts of people men woman children, whole cars of people some with just one person. I wondered where they were all going and wondered why they seemed in a hurry, as I watched I noticed a couple that seemed quite angry looking round and shouting; then as I became more aware of the vehicles occupants was amazed at just how many looked very stressed and hurried. Clutching at their steering wheels shouting in anger and just a general state of anxiety.

      This made me think about myself and my own journey through life, how often id hurried, how it becomes a part of life to rush from one place to another, always rushing and not taking in your surroundings. No time to notice the beauty all around, children’s laughter people in love walking along smiling at each other, old people taking their time on the walk thy take every week. Then nature itself trees just starting to get the leaves the beautiful magnolia tree covered in those pink and white flowers. Worse would be not noticing your life rush past like it says in the dawn prayer “Time passes with the swiftness of light” and the fact that impermanence was rushing upon me. How much had I missed with my anger and rushing-where had I been rushing to, probably trying to cram too much in each day to the point that I didn’t enjoy any of it.

      At that point I was happy to reflect on my changes; relieved at my faith and the fact that I no longer seem to rush, my mind is slower I notice more. This I put down to my Buddhist faith and my love of meditation. I now relax a lot more and try to enjoy all I have grateful for the people around me that I love; the birds that sing and the evening sun set, I notice them all.

      As this awful pandemic takes a grip on the world I’ve noticed a lot more people relaxing taking time to say hello and even a smile as you cross paths. People talking with softer voices and supporting each other, form the people that work in our food stores to those that work in the hospital’s etc. that we need to use. This again starts me thinking/reflecting on human nature; will this bring about change?  Will people start to care about their planet on which we live, their neighbour or friends? I hope that lessons we have learned with all of this will be take your time, remember you won’t be here at the end of the journey; life is precious, don’t take it and the beauty around you for granted. Enjoy every second of this amazing gift we have been given of a human life.

      Strive diligently, obtain Nirvana.

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