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    This week is the fourth anniversary of our moving into the temple. Four years! I remember those early days very clearly: the complicated business of buying a house and making sure all of the old trustees from years ago signed the right piece of paper; the moving process; the amount of help we had cleaning and preparing the temple for the first Bodhi retreat here, which took place just two weeks after we moved in; our first candle lit service…

    We have welcomed many different people through our doors in that time. From residents, to volunteers to people coming to our public events.

    Each person is an offering. Some are easier to see in that light than others of course. I know that sometimes I have been the easy offering for other people, and sometimes I have been the difficult offering.

    Some of the times I am most impressed by my teacher, Dharmavidya, are the times I have seen him welcome old friends back into the Sangha; old friends that just drifted away, and sometimes old friends that left in tangled unpleasant circumstances.

    We aim to keep being friendly to people. We don’t manage it all of the time. Personally I have a limited capacity for being around people, and yet whatever happens my compass swings back to ‘be friendly’.

    When I truly examine my own life and ask what enables me to receive others there are countless causes and conditions: teachers, books, my own friends, the natural world and so on. These are all Other Power.

    The most significant Other Power is Amida Buddha. Something at the edge of my comprehension that is always loving, always receiving, always nudging me to loving more, and to seeing more clearly. As my faith in Amida deepens, the compass swings more quickly back around to welcoming others.

    More profoundly than this though —we do not practice to become anything better than we are now. The fruits of practice are a gift and a grace. The most important truth of Pureland Buddhism is that Amida accepts us just as we are right now.

    Me. You. Everybody. Regardless of how well we manage to welcome others, we are all welcomed by the great light of the Buddha.

    Thank you to each person that has supported the flourishing of this community over the last four years, and thank you to each person that supported the flourishing of wider Amida community in the years before that. Thank you to the trustees. Thank you to you.

    With love and gratitude





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    Namo Amida Bu.

    I thank you and Satya for the warmth and kindness that you give to us all. Through your work and the temple.

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