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      This is a practice track for this year’s Festival of Faith at Holland House, Cropthorne.

      Here’s the web address: http://www.hollandhouse.org/

      This year’s performances are from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday June 23rd 2019. The Malvern Temple Community Choir performance is from 4.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., probably in the chapel. If anyone wants to come along and take part in the performance, you are welcome – I will tailor the session to whoever turns up – so I will teach simple parts which everyone can join in with. Please email me if you want to take part so I can make arrangements for transport, car parking, etc.


      We will start with one or more of these mantras:

      Om Amideva Hrih, Namo Quan Shi Yin Bosat, Namo Jizo Bosat

      Then, a Nembutsu Round (Namo Amida Bu)

      Then a layered song:

      This is a thought and it’s passing through, This is a feeling and it’s passing through –

      Ocean currents –

      Namo Amida Bu

      Then a unison hymn:

      My mind flows freely Through the great ocean of consciousness.

      I need not fear with Amida by my side (as my guide).

      We’ll finish with a layered song: Music is Faith:

      Music is faith

      Namo Amida Bu

      Music is gratitude

      Music is mindfulness

      Music is community

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      It’s a shame we didn’t record the performance in that chapel, with it’s beautiful acoustics. Thanks again for facilitating, and for your gorgeous arrangements, Andrew.

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