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    Hi everybody,

    I’m starting this topic after a chapter in the book “Just as you are – Buddhism fo foolish beings” triggered a reflection over my favourite compulsions. In this chapter, Satya wrote about her favourite compulsions in order to overcome bad feelings, stress and anxiety, and then asked the reader about his/her favourite ones. Mine? Here they are:

    – Loud rock n roll music: it channels my bad feelings into something better. Overdriven guitars, pounding drums, powerful voices, distorted bass lines and (possibly) hammond organs always chill me, one way or another. Also, playing the bass myself with my band is a fantastic compulsion;

    – Meditation/Chanting: when I’m able to do it, it really helps;

    – Watching stupid videos: somehow they make me laugh 🙂 ;

    – Coffee: not always a good idea, becuse it returns me the favour by getting me more nervous than before, but it’s too good to avoid it;

    – Food: nothing else to say 🙂 ;

    – Surfing the Internet: it takes away a lot of time from me, but sometimes I gain some new knowledge, so it’s not that bad at all;

    – Swearing: not something I’m proud of, but here in Italy we have a lot of swearwords and I really can’t help it. Well, at least swearing doesn’t harm nobody.

    As I write this list, I notice that some of these compulsions are good and some bad. Anyway, I’m just a human being, and writing this helped a little to laugh more at myself  and at my bombu nature.

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    Thank you for sharing Paolo – I also find it helpful to talk about my compulsions, and hear about other people’s – we’re all bombu together… I have so many but my favourites are checking the internet and email too often, overwork, food (especially sugar), TV etc… some of these I enjoy very much and don’t want to give up! They also vary over time…

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    Hi Paolo.  I too enjoy immersing myself in music , weather that be me playing bass and singing  in my my band and writing songs ,  or listening to any kind of music that suits the mood I’m in , from aggressive to abstract jazz to ambient.

    I  have to have a book on the go , usually one fiction and one spiritual. I love sometimes being the phantom cheese eater when everyone’s gone to bed  accompanied by a nice glass of red .

    walking my dogs and taking in all that’s around me as well as going fishing every once in a while . A good film or series , ice cream  and love buying coloured vinyl. I did use to shove my finger up my nose when stuck in traffic or turn into captain profanity  ( it’s all bombu babe )  but have to admit that seems to have fallen by the wayside as I tend to do nembutsu in one form or another when driving now . I have to say as I write this I’m sort of realising I’m not so tightly bonded to some of these things and many more that I have not mentioned anymore which makes me notice how I’ve changed to a greater or lesser degree

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Hi everybody,

    here I am, in late as usual 🙂 nice to ear it form you Ken! So you are a bass player too?

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    Hi Paolo , yes I am , I play fretless and fretted and tend to be short or medium scale now due to lighter and easier to play due to back pain ect. How about you what style band do you play in .

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    Hi Ken, that’s cool! I mean, I never played a fretless and, honestly, I don’t think I would be able to. I’m also sorry for your back pain, hope you’ll be better soon.

    Well, I consider myself more of a “rough” player. I am really into those old style, heavy sounds of players like Felix Pappalardi from Mountain, for example. I play in a power-blues trio, our main goal is to play with the attitude of those 70’s band. When it comes to music lisening, I am very open minded: I listen to almost everything, from classical to soul, from the blues to death metal. But my favorites are the greats from the late 60’s to the 70’s: those artists had a special feel which deeply resonates with me. Music is such a special bless in this world…

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    Hi Paolo, fretless like anything is merely a matter of practice and I like it as it’s more taxing and engaging. I don’t play like technique players like jack pastorius although heavily influenced by mock Karn insupposentouncoild say I play like  David jay from Bauhaus . I too like sounds from a bygone era ie 50s rockabilly and 60s garage as well as lots of styles .

    One truth I’ve noticed since practicing nembutsu is that it’s made me a better musician if  I can  call myself that . I tend not to fret ( excuse the pun) too much about what I play  and am in more confident relaxed  frame of mind  knowing that it is all on there and just comes out . As long as I just be and let go , all that I’m meant to do just springs forth  and flows without having to remind or prompt myself of what part next ect  . When I read the books of brad warner zen priest punk bass player I related to his experience and engagement of playing but for me zen , although appreciate it is a bit of a shot in the dark hit and miss most of the time whereas through pure land and nembutsu the losing myself to the instant is more liberating , deeper  and ability enhancing ie effortlessly play faster etc  so in a nutshell  one could claim “do nembutsu, be a better bass player “ lol

    Nam Amida Bu



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    Hi Ken, it could be a cool title for a book “do nembutsu, be a better bass player”!

    I agree: it’s a matter of practice – and again, it clashes with my idleness 🙂   Altough I love to play the bass, I do not practice much at home. My main goal is to play what the band needs, building a strong wall of sound together with the drummer. Besides that, I really admire top players such as Geddy Lee (in fact, Rush are one of my favourite bands ever).

    Do you have any page (facebook or whatever) for your band?

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    Hi Paolo re rush are a very tight band with their trademark punctuated runs and fills and Geddy Lee is a great bass player for the rock genre.

    Heres a link to our fb page but I’m oldie worldey  so I don’t go mad on

    doing a lot on it


    And here’s our Spotify

    Send me a link to your band please

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    Hi Ken

    that’s cool. Mine’s is   https://www.facebook.com/skydogspowerblues/


    Hope you like it 🙂

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    Ken, now I’m finally able to listen your music with my laptop! Very nice, rockin’ psychobilly! And I really like the bass sound!!


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    Hi Paolo. I checked your band out , nice and tight and lots of power. Great stuff. Nice basses too.

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    Hi Ken. Thank you very much, I’m really honoured by your words! Gassho

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