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    Hi everybody,

    I’m starting this topic after a chapter in the book “Just as you are – Buddhism fo foolish beings” triggered a reflection over my favourite compulsions. In this chapter, Satya wrote about her favourite compulsions in order to overcome bad feelings, stress and anxiety, and then asked the reader about his/her favourite ones. Mine? Here they are:

    – Loud rock n roll music: it channels my bad feelings into something better. Overdriven guitars, pounding drums, powerful voices, distorted bass lines and (possibly) hammond organs always chill me, one way or another. Also, playing the bass myself with my band is a fantastic compulsion;

    – Meditation/Chanting: when I’m able to do it, it really helps;

    – Watching stupid videos: somehow they make me laugh 🙂 ;

    – Coffee: not always a good idea, becuse it returns me the favour by getting me more nervous than before, but it’s too good to avoid it;

    – Food: nothing else to say 🙂 ;

    – Surfing the Internet: it takes away a lot of time from me, but sometimes I gain some new knowledge, so it’s not that bad at all;

    – Swearing: not something I’m proud of, but here in Italy we have a lot of swearwords and I really can’t help it. Well, at least swearing doesn’t harm nobody.

    As I write this list, I notice that some of these compulsions are good and some bad. Anyway, I’m just a human being, and writing this helped a little to laugh more at myself  and at my bombu nature.

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