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December 30th – the last Monday of 2019

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      Namo Amida Bu – what blessings have I received today?

      I’m aware that I am blessed to be able to sit in this comfortable chair, in this warm house, my dog on my knee, a large, steaming mug of chai by my side, books to hand. I ate well at lunchtime and there’s a big pot of homemade beetroot soup and a fresh, newly baked seed loaf for supper.  I have finished household jobs for the day and written three long thank you letters. Those have expressed my gratification to friends who are generous and thoughtful. I have one more to write and my wrist is paining me. So I won’t be writing it by hand but will dictate it, as I am dictating this. So I’m thankful for this phone and this technology.

      The world is going through difficult times, not least politically and environmentally. Both concern me, of course. During the first weeks of the new decade I will explore ways that I can do a little good and as little harm as possible. I am extremely fortunate that neither impact me at this moment as much as they impact so many. And I will listen to Dharmavidya’s Bodhi Retreat talks again. And give thanks for my wise and compassionate teacher. Namo Amida Bu

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