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Counting our blessings

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      catAt our nembutsu circle last weekend we had a lovely reading about gratitude by S. K. Kubose (Gyomay Kubose’s son) who described how he patted his shoes every time he put them on and thanked them for their hard work.

      I thought it would be nice to share our blessings with each other, and so my suggestion is that you add to this thread with three things you have been blessed with over the past 24 hours (just like we do in Nei Quan).

      Mine are: this lovely little luck-beckoning cat from Japan which is now sitting on my shelves and making me happy every time I see him, the chance to practice with others in the shrine room this morning (thanks Dayamay and Kaspa) and a real cat, Tsuki, who rolled over on her back in my office this morning & purred.

      Whether things are tough for you at the moment or not, I’d love to hear about a few of your recent blessings. Over to you!

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      A good idea to check in with gratitude! We had an interesting train journey yesterday. There are usually some colourful characters on the slow train from Leicester to Collingham but on this occasion, two of them, who had never met before, decided to interact in quite an aggressive way, however, I am still grateful for the train and train people for enabling us to visit my Dad fairly easily. It is freezing cold today and our house is old and leaky, so I’m really grateful for our supply of ash logs and the man who tends the ash coppice and delivers them. My life’s a bit of a jigsaw at the moment, with pieces dispersed around the country, so I’m very grateful for all these communication means – transport, telephone, computer – for keeping the pieces in contact with each other.

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      I’m grateful for the opportunity of life. My family who show me so much love and my sangha.

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      Vajrapala Moerman

      I’m so happy to be able to contact you all, sharing together our love and gratitude for Amida. I feel also very blessed my two daughters did visit me yesterday and we did had a very fine time together. I feel blessed living in a very beautiful countryside, seeing the sun shining on the brown and orange colours off nature, some soft snow falling and everything is silent around us. Thank you Satya for your fine ideas !!! Hughs and love to you all!

      Namo Amida Bu

Viewing 3 reply threads
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