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Can I talk to Amida and ask for help and guidance? Will Amida respond ?

Site-Wide Activity Forums Shrine Room Buddhist Q&A Can I talk to Amida and ask for help and guidance? Will Amida respond ?

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      Is it possible to have a personal relationship with Amida? Can we ask for guidance and support in our lives or is our relationship with Amida one of pure thanks for all that is in our lives ? Could you share how see/ feel/ understand this. Thank you.

      Namo Amida Bu



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      Sorry, the title should be “Will Amida Respond” not Reapond , I didn’t  notice until it was too late to edit 🙂

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      A great question, Wayne. I’ll give you my answer and I’ll be interested to hear what others say!

      I feel that I can have this kind of personal relationship with Amida – handing things over when they are too much for me, asking for guidance, and listening out for some kind of ‘answer.’ These answers come from different places – things other people say, new insights, but sometimes they feel like they come ‘directly’ from Amida. It’s very difficult to be clear, and so I’m always cautious about these answers, testing them out against my precepts to see if they will lead to good results or if they’re my ego in cunning disguise!

      Some people also find they form personal relationships with other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. I have a good connection with Quan Yin as do many Shu members, and I also feel an affinity with Medicine Buddha for some reason. When I’m in relationship with these different Buddhas, I receive different qualities/answers.

      Let’s see what others say and thanks for your question.

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      Yes, it seems to be a great question and I feel grateful for the question and also for your answer, Satya, because I think there is no an easy conclusión. Anyway I would like to share my experience about it.

      I think that , in some way I approach to Amida with my passions and delusion, in a personal way, I mean, from my experience of “me” and “my” stories, but in this encounter all this gets dissolved in It  naturally. It does not mean that my needs, desires, fears or doubts disappear but, in some way they are the channel that are taking me towards the Light, they are the right paths for me to come to Amida, to remember what I am always forgetting. Of course my life goes on , but, precisely because of that sacred encounter I can live my “little “ matters with  a greater faith. My nature is bombu. I am not going to find a way out to that fact, but I can live with a greater faith .

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      Aloha All,

      A good question.

      The nice thing about our tradition is that we recognize that each of us must work out the path of our own salvation. For some that may mean having an interpersonal relationships with Amida. I certainly know many practitioners like this. For others, the relationship may be more impersonal — formless as Ramakrishna might say. There is no one path. That is why the Buddha gave 84,000 teachings. We each hear the Dharma in the way that is right for us.

      Namo Amida Bu!

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      Thank you for the question, Wayne, and I enjoyed reading the above answers. When I practice the Nembutsu, I try to remember to always listen on my silent in-breath. When I remember, there is always a moment of clarity and that clarity can help a new way forward to flow from difficult situations. This can also happen for me when I sing and/or listen to the Nembutsu. I feel grateful to Amida for this gift but I am sometimes aware that one day He may offer a different way forward. Namo Amida Bu!

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      Thank you everyone for your sharing and personal approaches with regard to this question. I feel connected to you through this. In reaching out to Amida for guidance I feel that I realise my dependancy on so many things. I begin to feel that my  true nature is more than this identity, Indeed it is “Other” than this identity.  By embracing I am embraced. At least this is where I am learning to place my trust/ faith in.


      Namo Amida Bu

      Wayne 🙂


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