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    Have you tried bunny therapy? It’s easy. You go and sit on the floor in the aviary where the bunnies live, and do nothing.

    Sometimes you can take them something tasty from the garden. Sometimes they are in the mood to be fussed. Sometimes they sit in their hutch, exuding their gentle bunny energy, while you look at the sky.

    Life is complicated, and sometimes it stings. Sometimes our brains get into whizzing, and it’s difficult to stop them without medicating ourselves. Sometimes we wake with grey cloud hanging in the bedroom, threatening to drizzle.

    Touch something that isn’t you – the grain of your wooden desk, the cool texture of the wall. Taste your peppermint tea. Listen to someone, properly. Look!

    Don’t turn away from yourself, but root yourself in the day, gently, gently, and trust that what you need will be there.

    “In all things, above all, be gentle with yourself. Not especially weak, nor especially passive. Just gentle. Nothing should be destroyed, nothing denied, nothing stifled. All goes on, as it will, and hopefully one can be wide awake, deeply within it all.” ~ Gerald May

    Thanks to Khemashalini for the bunny photo 🙂

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