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Bodhi retreat 2018

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      Vajrapala Moerman

      From 6-9 december there will be a Bodhi retreat in Belgium led by Susthama with the help of Annetta and myself. We are already a little group of people who will attend – people of Belgium and Holland – but it is possible to recieve some more people. We are intended to make a very beautiful retreat, the theme will be : honouring our ancestors. I’m so excited about the theme, about making a little Pureland together with the Dharma sisters and brothers who will share this and working this beautiful theme out with Susthama and Annetta.

      On saturday we will have continuously Nembutsu chanting from 10 h- 17 h, there will be morning service friday and sunday and evening-service thursday and friday.

      There will be much time to reflect, work out the ancestors theme, share and offering everything to Amida.

      We are so happy to be able to use – for free – 2 houses of our very kind and precious neighbours here in the street so have plenty of places to recieve people who want to stay overnight.

      My partner Daniël is again – offering us good natural and vegan food, much vegetables and herbs right from the garden. Deep bow.

      Those who should like to come: please take contact with Vajrapala.

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