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Another approach to vegan burgers

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      Robert McCarthy

      I have been developing a recipe for raw fermented vegan burgers that is very low lectin, and has a very ‘chewy’ texture. Frying, grilling or bbqing is a very good serving option.
      I believe this is very original to the extent it is something of a game changer for cooking burgers. It is not so hard to develop a good flavour in a vegan burger but it is very challenging to merge the various ingredients into a texture that actually does need a knife to cut through.
      The method I use that seems quite original is to mix the ingredients with some probiotics and ‘cook’ the burgers in a dehydrator. I adopted a vegetarian diet around 1980 and this became vegan a few years later. So I have made many vegan burgers over quite a period of time.

      Recipe for Fermented Raw Burgers:
      Soak 150grams dried sliced mushrooms for 12 hours. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze the mushrooms strongly to reduce as much water as possible.
      Soak 2 cups of walnuts for 12 hours.

      Cook half a cup of tapioca pearl in two and a half cups of boiling vegan stock for twenty minutes.
      Coarsely grate two large beetroots.
      Finely grate 3 cloves of garlic and a 3 cm. piece of ginger.
      Dice/chop two medium onions and the prepared mushrooms.

      Process the walnuts into a ‘crunchy’ paste.
      One cup flaxmeal
      Half a cup of vegetable oil.

      Mix together all the above ingredients.

      Add to this mixture-
      Two tablespoons vegan worchester sauce
      Three tablespoons liquid smoke
      Fresh or dried herbs to taste
      One teaspoon of pepper
      The powder from three probiotic capsules sprinkled over the surface of the mixture.

      By hand thoroughly mix everything together.

      Assemble into burgers. Make them larger than usual as they will shrink some 30 percent during dehydration. This recipe should make around twenty burgers.

      Assemble the burgers in a dehydrator and dehydrate at around 41 degrees celsius for 24 hours. Then refrigerate. They will further process in the fridge over the next few days. After this freeze the burgers if desired.

      The burgers may be enjoyed raw though they are best enjoyed pan fried or BBQed..

      Ingredients check list.
      150 grams dried sliced mushrooms
      2 cups walnuts
      Half cup tapioca pearl
      Two and a half cups vegan stock
      2 large beetroots
      3 cloves garlic
      3 cm piece ginger
      2 medium onions
      1 cup flaxmeal
      Half cup vegetable oil
      2 tablespoons vegan worchester sauce
      3 tablespoons liquid smoke
      Fresh or dried herbs
      1 teaspoon pepper
      3 probiotic capsules.

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