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Amida Shu choice of colour and robes

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      Good morning – I have a few questions about the robes that members of the Amida Shu wear.

      First,  who wears the various robes,  lay ministers, priests, anyone wanting to create a seperated space in their daily life when conducting ritual or chanting ?

      Second, what are the design of the robes taken from  –  what pieces and componants make up the robes

      Third,  what is the story behind the colours of the robes-  I see many of the people in the photos wearing maroon / burgundy red clothing western without robes  and people wearing red burgundy  robes and some with yellow stripes  –

      What is special about the particular colour –

      Thank you in advance to whoever tackles these questions for me –

      Peace and light  –

      Om i tuo fu.
      Namo Amida Bu

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      We do not have lay ministers – the members of the Order are lay Mitras who do not wear robes, Gankonin(junior Ministers)/Ministers and Amitaryas. The robes are given during the ordination ceremony.

      Ministers wear a red robe with yellow – Gankonin a half robe, which becomes full when they confirm their vocation in a further ceremony.

      Amitaryas a red robe.

      No other members of the Shu or Order wear robes.

      All members of the Shu and Order have a ‘mini-robe’ called a wagesa (wagessa), similarly bestowed during a ceremony – so do aspirants and postulants who are usually members of the Shu too.

      All reds are bright, not maroon.

      The red and yellow/red denote the setting sun – Amida’s direction is in the West.

      All Buddhist robes are made from a number of pieces- Shakyamuni’s robe was made from pieces of rag from the charnel grounds.

      The particular pattern was devised within the Order many years ago.

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