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    Vajrapala Moerman

    Happy to announce you that the Amidasangha Belgium-Netherlands will soon meet: saturday we will meet again after a long time. We all live rather far away from each other, hours driving… so it is not so easy to meet.  The theme for saturday will be “nembutsu”, we will look at the nembutsu from different view-points and express it at different ways…..  a challenge!!!

    Will be followed…..

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Vajrapala Moerman

    The Belgium-Netherlands Amida Sangha did have great times this weekend. We evolved the theme ‘Nembutsu”, which was great to do!

    We did not only chant, but we danced on the nembutsu, had listening-circles in which we shared our experiences, did have some time for creativity, there where services, walking in nature, sitting in the sun, did eat good vegan food…. And also great times in friendship, joy and harmony.

    Very gratefull for this beautifull sangha and with a heart full off love,

    Maybe you could come to next time ??? It is on the 7th off july.

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Really lovely to hear – sounds like a great meeting.  Thank you for sharing.

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