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Amida Purelandmeeting summer 2018

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      Vajrapala Moerman

      Saturday we had a very fine Sangha Day. There were Dharmavidya, Maitrisimha, Annetta, Floor, Diederik, Karin and myself. The theme of the day was funerals and we had some deep and touching sharing about our attitudes to death and the end of life as well as discussion about the actual matter of conducting funerals in a Pureland Buddhist way – the stages of the ceremony, the kinds of elements and texts to include, the role of the celebrant and assistants, and the way that these function together to establish a safe space for the ritual, to facilitate reflection upon the life of the deceased, to join together in aiding the deceased on their way through the bardo and beyond. It was an informative and quite moving event, we were very happy to have Dharmavidya with us who could give us so much good insights in the theme. We had excellent food made by Daniel and everybody did enjoy the lovely countryside and comfortable accommodation, with thanks to our neighbours who’s rooms we can use. On saturday evening we had eveningservice and on sunday morning moringservice with 4 off us. Thanks to all who where there for your contributions! Namo Amida Bu

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      I’m very happy to read this, Vajrapala. It sounds like you facilitated a rich and warm day, on a topic we all have to think about! Namo Amida Bu, sending love.

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