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    Vajrapala Moerman

    Dear all,

    We just arrived from the sangha-meeting off Belgium-Netherlands. We this time came together in Den Haag/Netherlands, at Annetta, Maïtrisimha and Floors’. We had a wonderful time together. Diederik and myself came over from Belgium for the gadering, so we were 5 of us. It was so nice to be recieved as very good welcomed guests where they live. They live in a kind of a co-housing project with much flats and much shared places, so we could use several beautiful places for our gaderings, for the services, to cook to eat and being together. We had much informal time together, enjoying being together, we made a walk at the sea-side. We also enjoyed good food provided by Daniël who came with me to make our meals, what was very wonderful too. The services were very lovely, some local people joined us and we had tea with them after the evening-service,….. The theme off the gadering was silent meditation, very nice theme, very nice stone-passings on this theme too! I think in the future we will go back to Holland, it was such a heart warming experience, and wonderful that Diederik could stay over over there for the night ! Our little group gets stronger and the friendship grows, Namo Amida Bu,

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    Sounds lovely. Namo Amida Bu!

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    That’s great to hear! Namo Amida Bu 🙂

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    Thankyou for sharing Vajrapala
    Namo Amida Bu
    Khema xx

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