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Amida Purelandmeeting march 2017

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      Vajrapala Moerman

      Hello dear Dharma-friends,

      To tell you we had a wonderful Amidaweekend 18 march. We where 10 off us. The theme off the weekend was the Sangha. We used the talk off Dharmavidaya “Spiritual home” 15/06/2010 and Jnanamati gave talks about spiritual friendship. The sangha is one off the 3 refuges we go for as Buddhists and as Shakyamuni Buddha said: spiritual friendship is the whole off the spiritual life. As the weekend continued, the deep true off the Buddha’s thesis was opened. The sangha is really a very precious jewel. We are so fortuned to be in contact or be member off this sangha and several other sangha’s for some off us, which provide us with the wisdom, love and compassion off ancestors, people all over the world, friends very close or those who come regularly together, etc.. Our style off natural-growing, organic style off relating and working together opens so many possibilities as the light off Amida lightens our steps. People found it very precious to have the possibility in the sangha to listen to one another, to be able to work out some personal obstructions in the group, to have deep respect for the humanity off everybody and share our differences as well as the things we share. The sangha is the place where we can create a sense off the Pureland.

      We had also 2 time Moring Service and 2 time evening service and this too where very precious periodes off deep sharing off our longings, expressions off our vows, rejoicing and off gratitude.

      Very grateful for all the opportunity’s we got and in deep respect and honoring all who contributed to this and all the light who was reflected and did light up the sacred space we were in.

      Namo Amida Bu

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      Thank you for sharing, Vajra, sounds like a beautiful weekend.

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