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Amida and Lack of self belief/self doubt

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      Hi everyone. I have been considering my Bombo Nature and realise that any lasting change spiritual or otherwise is in a sense futile in the respect of trying to change/inprove our nature with the same mechanism that indeed requires that change. My question is “ How can Amida help with increasing my/our self confidence and releasing the mechanisms of self doubt in my/our everyday lives?”  I wondered if you would share your thoughts on this? Thank you all.

      Namo Amida Bu


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      “My mind is able to flow freely, Guided only by Amida.” This is a little affirmation I have made for myself which I chant, silently or out loud whenever I feel I’m being dragged along somewhere I don’t want to be. I have a few others too. They’re affirmations I’ve made with my own bombu tendencies in mind. I think you’d have to make your own relevant ones if you thought this might work for you. They work for me by countering my own negative beliefs, or maybe counterbalancing them. A belief is, after all, only a belief. What is beyond belief? (other than outrageous things!)

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