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Advice from Dharmavidya

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      Regard all things with amazement, admiration and sympathy. Study the beauty and forms of nature. Meet adverse occurrences with equanimity. Know that all that is manifest is remarkable, yet even the most fine and beautiful shall also pass away.

      Do your best to be plain and straightforward, sincere in what you say and do. Although social situations can be complex and confused, stay in touch with what is truthful, real and fundamental.

      Be relaxed and walk gently upon the earth. Although one adore and worship high ideals, it is vital to remain aware of one’s own frailty and limitations. Nobody is perfect. Knowing oneself one can empathise with others.

      Value both solitude and amicable company. A person who can stand on his own feet can be a friend to the world. Help those in need. Be respectful, hospitable and open handed, like the good inn keeper who welcomes guests and also wishes them well when they depart.

      While living and working in the material world of causes and conditions. always bear in mind the beyond, the spirit of the sages, the unconditional, the deathless. Let it enlarge your heart and mind with the blessing of infinite peace.

      ~ Dharmavidya, to a friend

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      A beautiful teaching. If only we could be like this.

      Namo Amida Bu.

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      “it is vital to remain aware of one’s own frailty and limitations”: a beautiful,  very deep teaching in plain, simple words. Thank you.

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