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A word to inspire me throughout 2020

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      I’ve been contemplating which word would inspire me for 2020. This is a practice that Satya started either last year or before.

      Of course the words that come to mind, immediately, and the only ones that really matter, are the nembutsu – Namo Amida Bu or, in one word form, Namandabu.

      But for this year specifically?

      Having relinquished some of my responsibilities recently, I am drawn to spend more time contemplatively. And to put more attention on reading and crafting. This won’t preclude other activities or activism. But I’m not feeling shouty. There are enough people shouting. And shouting does have its place – there’s a lot going on politically and, most critically, environmentally, that should be brought to peoples’ attention, along with urges to ‘do something’ or to ‘stop doing …’.

      What are the words that are coming to me to consider? Quiet, the Scottish form of that, which I prefer, Wheesht (I’m reading an excellent book on creativity called Wheesht, by Kate Davies). But the word that seems to claim me, seems to have chosen itself, is Listen.

      So stopping, not clamouring or being taken over by clamour, which can drown out important messages, but listening. What is that person really wanting to say? What response is appropriate at this moment, if any? What is nature telling me?  What am I learning – and it seems that my ageing confirms how little I know? What can I create that chimes with this mindset?

      And onto my Facebook page this morning – how synchronous – popped something I posted two years ago:

      “When you talk you are only repeating something you already know. But, if you listen you may learn something new “

      ~  HH The Dalai Lama

      So, Listen, it is.

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      What word would you choose for the year ahead?

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      Tommy Bradshaw

      Thank you for posting….hm… one word. Thats a thinker!

      I would choose “Connections” (and think I will sticky-note it on my desk space!). Its always a wonderful practice to focus on drawing the connections between all things to each other…. this person to that person… this organization to that one….. this cause to that cause… belief to belief…and so on…..

      Wishing you a Happy New Year.

      Namo Amida Bu.

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      That sounds like a good source of inspiration, Tommy. Post-it notes – what a good idea – just writing one now…

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      Jan Wizinowich

      Thank-you for the thought-provoking entry. I like the word listen because it’s at the core of what I do as a writer. To tell someone’s story it’s necessary to set the ego filter to the side as much as possible to find the actual story. Also thank-you for the book selection. I am definitely going to check that out. Namo Amida Bu, Jan

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      I love this idea in the New Year. I’m glad you remembered it and posted. I can’t think of a better word for me this year than ‘Listen’. Last year was so busy for me and listening was sometimes not at the forefront of my mind. I think I’ve got sucked in by business into being overly goal orientated, but how can I know the goal if I don’t listen? I feel I need a second word. Once I start listening I need to free up so I can actually hear and move effectively, but maybe all this is contained in the word ‘listen’. The Nembutsu is both hearing and calling back at the same time, I think, so maybe I can hyphenate to make one word: ‘Listen-Nembutsu’. It opens out and folds back in, continuously.

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      Yes, one of my sangha was talking about how he came to Pureland Buddhism yesterday evening – I’m sure that that instant ‘at home’ feeling is because Amida has always been chanting to us – and, at one point, we are blessed to stop and listen and then hear that call.

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