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A new name for our Dharma brother

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      Yesterday morning we had a ceremony to welcome our dear Dharma brother Adam as a Lay Order member. In the ceremony we opened a sealed envelope from Dharmavidya to discover his new Buddhist name – Dayamay (pronounced DYAmay) which means kind-hearted.

      Names are important. When we ordain, changing our first name is a powerful way of symbolising the new person we have become – a person transformed by the light of Amida, and inspired to carry this light into the world.

      It’s always tricky to retrain our brains into renaming a familiar object. I have spent the day with Dayamay and called him Adam several times. The other times, I’ve managed to pause and rummage in my memory for this new unfamiliar word – how does it start again? What are the vowel sounds?

      It is a form of respect to support our newly named sangha members by using their new name. If you haven’t been through this process before it might feel like you’ll never see the man in the photo as Dayamay, but believe me you’ll reach a point where you have to rummage through old memories for his old name. Do use it when you see him, and don’t be afraid of asking him how it’s pronounced or of getting it wrong. We can all support each other in this process.

      It’s been a real privilege to accompany Dayamay on some of his journey over the past six years. He’s turned his face to Amida’s light and blossomed into a kind-hearted, faithful and reliable colleague. The temple work we do here would be more difficult without him. Here’s to Dayamay. May he continue to flourish.

      Namo Amida Bu.

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      If I write Dayamay, I’ll maybe remember and forget too! What a lovely name, and so appropriate.

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