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    catToday I wanted to share something beautiful with you. I thought I could show you the clutches of lipstick-red cyclamen outside our back door. I could tell you about the tender words we shared in our nembutsu circle last night, and send a photo of the joyful cornflower blue we painted our wall this morning. And then I stepped in poo.

    I’ve just come in from twenty minutes of chasing said cat poo around the deep, narrow grooves in the bottom of my trainers with an old toothbrush, crouched in the cold by the garden tap.

    The first of the Buddha’s four noble truths is that we cannot avoid suffering. To be done with cleaning up poo, both actual and metaphorical, I’d have to dispense with not only our pets, but my work, my friends and family, and my own body and mind.

    When we step in poo, emotion arises. Then it’s up to us to decide what to do with it. Do we give our cat a mean look? Probably. Do we take out our frustration on our husband? Sometimes. And. We can also aim to channel our energy into the job at hand, maybe seeing it as a kind of game, and smiling amusedly at our petulance and at the ridiculousness of the world.

    I am sending you cat poo alongside the bright cyclamen, tender words and new blue wall. I hope you will appreciate it as an honest bouquet, sent with love.

    Things you might be curious about

    * What did you ‘step on’ today or this week? What emotions arose?
    * If you were able to channel the energy of these emotions, what use might you put it to?
    * Are you able to find a warm, wry smile, or imagine mine?

    “The untrained person may believe that their happiness comes from material circumstances. When my new carpet is fitted and I am sitting in my new living room with a tasty cup of coffee in my hands, then I will feel happy, one might think. This is the sort of stuff that the advertising industry constantly indoctrinates us with. It too is a myth and a method, but it is a completely different one than the one offered by Buddhism. I sit with my cup of coffee and the cat jumps up. The coffee goes flying and comes to rest in a remarkable pattern straight across the middle of the white section in the new carpet. That is the moment of enlightenment.” ~ Dharmavidya


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