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A beautiful prayer for the Amida Sangha from Dharmavidya with love

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      For the Amida Sangha

      I pray that the grace of Amida
      may lead us in diverse ways ever deeper
      into the true motives and recesses of the heart;
      refreshing one another with communion and with solitude,
      tracing true pathways, reflecting your light in our obscurity,
      to celebrate your grace in things natural and true.

      May our separate and combining efforts
      be led by your kindly regard for all sentient beings
      in the service of your vows
      that our separate manifold imperfections,
      converted by your unmeasurable merit,
      become the building blocks of your temple,
      a refuge for all,
      here as hereafter.

      We give thanks
      for your Name
      inseparable from breath.

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      Johnathan Robertson

      Very heartwarming. Namo Amida Bu.

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      Mat Osmond

      I love this prayer, which feels so precise a declaration of the heart. Will print it out and slip it into the Nien Fo book.

      Nembutsu has settled on the breath for me this past week or so, with a kind of ‘there whenever I reach out for it’ steadiness, that’s felt like meeting an old friend. Partly from a comment (thanks) on the most recent Monday thread, about the breath carrying the heart’s wish.

      Thank you Satya, and Dharmavydia.

      Namo Amida bu

Viewing 2 reply threads
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