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What is Pureland Buddhism? 

Pureland is a form of Buddhism which started in medieval Japan and which centres on a practice called nembutsu – saying the name of Amida Buddha, the Buddha of Infinite Light. Amida Shu is a school of Pureland Buddhists started by Dharmavidya David Brazier. You can read more about it here at our Amida Shu site, we have a lovely introductory online course, and Kaspa and Satya have written an introductory book, here.

Where should I start?

Take the Guided Tour!

How do I know if I’m posting things in the right place/saying the right thing?

For this to be a thriving temple which grows community, people need to feel comfortable talking to each other – we’d much rather you post something in the wrong place than not post at all. There’s also no such thing as a stupid question! Do comment on other people’s posts and share whatever you’d like to share. If you do get stuck, do email with your questions.

Do I have to be a Pureland Buddhist to hang out here? 

No, all are welcome.

Can everyone see what I post?

Most of the content is public, but the personal sharing forum is visible to members only.

How does the personal sharing forum work?

Create a thread in that group for yourself, call it something like Kaspa’s diary. If you don’t want people to comment on your updates, write ‘no-comments’ in the title, and we’ll respect your wishes.

What about Monday Nembutsu?

Monday nembutsu is a chance to check in with other nembutsu practitioners once  a week. Every Monday, a new thread will appear (if there’s not one there – start one). Check in and say hello, let us know how your practice is going, or just talk about the weather 🙂

There isn’t a forum for…

Email, and we’ll try and work out where your post goes, or we can create a new space for it.

Can I edit my posts?

You can edit up to five minutes after you post. This should give you enough time to correct any mistakes.

Who are the Friends of Amida Shu?

Amida Shu, or the Amida School, is a world-wide Pureland Buddhist community, founded by Dharmavidya David Brazier. For more information about our tradition, and contact details for local groups see:

Where can I meet with Amida Shu Buddhists in non-virtual space?

There is a list of all our centres here, or maybe you might want to start your own Home Group. For more information get in touch.

Date Protection and Privacy

Friends of Amida is administered by Amida Trust, a registered UK charity, and follows their privacy policy.