Kaspalita Thompson

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I’m a psychotherapist, Buddhist priest, and mindfulness teacher.

Together with my clients, I create a space in which anxieties, worries, disappointments and other stuck patterns and feelings can be gently brought into the light. In therapy we move towards a deep acceptance of who we are, and through this acceptance, move towards letting go, and change.

I’ve been interested in what makes people tick for a long time. When I was young that curiosity came out in my love of stories, and of the theatre: I wrote stories about people, I read stories about people, and I acted as other people. What is it really like to walk in someone else’s shoes?

It was at university, studying drama, that  I first read Carl. R. Rogers On Being A Person. I loved his ideas about therapy, and about creating good conditions for people to grow.

In 2006 I started training to be a psychotherapist with David Brazier, and Caroline Brazier. David would go on to become my Buddhist teacher, as well as my therapy trainer, and not long after I started my therapy training I also started training to be a Buddhist priest. I ordained in 2007, and for a few years my energy went completely into that vocation.

Eventually I picked up the thread of my therapy training, and I started a private practice in January 2012.

I’m much more fulfilled now than I ever was. The satisfaction I have with my life as it is now, balancing married life, my private practice, and running a Buddhist temple, has largely come through a therapeutic process.

I love working with my clients. It’s a real pleasure to provide a space for them to tell their own stories, to begin to come to terms with their own lives, and to start taking steps towards fulfilment.