Building a New Roof

After a good many weeks working to rebuild the less than stable walls Seishi House is beginning to look like a building again. Last week a huge wooden beam was delivered, described in the plans as a “glue lam” – short for glue laminate as you may have guessed. dsc_0005

This beam weighs in in excess of 290 kilos and is 10 metres or so long. It took five of us to carry it down from the roadside carpark and half a day with ropes and roller trestles  for Nod and Gordon to get it into place to form the ridge of the new roof.

Now the building is starting to feel more solid at the place the whole structure takes up is re-emerging. The narrative unfolds and  each day presents challenges connected to details that have to change in order to accommodate both the structural needs of the building as well as the historic oddities that were probably the result of compromises when it was originally built.

It has been gratifying to see progress this week. At times I have struggled to be patient given that the building will be the base for my practice as a therapist, as well as a place to live. When I find myself feeling frustrated however I remind myself of how fortunate I am to be supported in developing this project and the generosity of a number of people, some sangha members like Richard Thorogood (who is project managing) and Nathan, others who have just been willing to lend a hand when it is needed, like our neighbours.

Storms are forecast for tomorrow so the plan to fix the under-felt will be put off until next week. In the meantime the frames for the five windows, including the beautiful circular one (shown) will be made in Nods workshop.dsc_0002

Soon enough the building will be watertight and interior work can then start to take place.

If you are skilled in aspects of building work or just relatively handy and would like to volunteer to help with the project do get in touch. Gordon has a lot of knowledge about renovations and I can guarantee that you will learn a good many new things – not all to do directly with building.

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