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    Hi all , I’m planning to do a diy one day retreat as the prospect of the house being empty for a day in early july is looking very likely . I would be grateful for any suggestions , guidelines and general info . I’m looking to have everything in place well beforehand so I am clear and prepared on what I need to do.
    Namo Amida Bu

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    Hi , it’s a good subscribe isn’t it. He reads a lot of Alfred bloom which I find interesting . Funny , the guys voice quite relaxing.

  • If one  was to go round the houses with a begging bowl on a Sunday afternoon in Great Britain you’d mostly receive vegetables as people would have most definitely ate the meat and that is what happened in Southeast Asia many years ago and gave the impression that Being vegetarian is  part of being Buddhist and this in turn became to a degree ins…[Read more]

  • Hi Andrew and thanks.  I can relate to the finding myself singing it throughout the day. I’ll just come out with it when normally I can be a bit self conscious .

  • Hi , am on day 26. Realised I’ve been leaving my posts for 30 days of Nembutsu in wrong place in virtual rooms.  Coming towards the end now and just wondered how people followed up and continued with things of they so chose once the course finished.

  • Lovely photos . Get a real feel and sense of the places from them.

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    Hi day 24 . Still practicing Nembutsu increasingly more so in all its different forms. I love the way those penny dropping moments just happen whilst reciting or as I go about
    my day. I tend to focus on just surrendering when reciting. To the Nembutsu , to the moment and to the isness of it all and every thing just seems big and spacious.…[Read more]

  • hi Acharya Kaspalita, thanks for enlarging was a bit of struggle on my phone without glasses lol. That is truly a beautiful piece and your view thought provoking.


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    Hi. For what it’s worth , as I’m early days but I think pure land is all around and in us. I think it’s abailable to us always but it’s only when we have those tuned in moments to quote Blake ,”to see the world in a grain of sand” that we realise it. I find Nembutsu is opening , giving me that in a very real rather than…[Read more]

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    Hi and thankyou Rev Satya Robyn. I look forward to engageing.

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    hi, I’m ken and am now on day 17 of 30 days of nembutsu .I live in south east London/kent. I was inspired /motivated to have a go after coming across the wonderful book  Buddhism for foolish beings and started practicing whilst reading it. I practice zen but am doing my nembutsu on top of that to see how I get on .So far I have found it a more…[Read more]

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    hi , just a quick hi and thanks for the welcome .Also thanks for co authoring a wonderful book that is partly why I’m here .I read it whilst and was on holiday, I had already stacked the books i was going to read but they pretty much fell by the wayside and in a way my holiday ,although surrounded by people became a kind of retreat in a way. i…[Read more]

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    thankyou, I’m just fumbling my way round the virtual joint at the mo so i know where i am and what I’m doing .I’m on day 15 now and am still encouraged to carry on despite the zen wrestle as i am experiencing things and enjoying whatever it brings so decided not to think about that and just do and see where i go .Something definitely brought me…[Read more]

    • Yes, it takes a bit of getting used to. ‘the zen wrestle’ – love it! I think going with things sometimes without letting our brain stop us is a good practice… see where it leads. Namo Amida Bu!

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