• Ian Summers-Noble posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    A public holiday, off work! Been productive. Sorting out debris from having new shower fitted (after 3 years of being here!) – most taken to recycling centre, wood cut up for parents-in-laws fire. Experimenting with veggies for first soup/broth of the autumn. Pictures on TV news of Florida and Myanmar refugees (surely Buddhists aren’t involved in persecution?!) reinforce my gratitude for having a home and food. NAB

    • Buddhists are bombu beings too… yes, unfortunately they are doing terrible things in Myanmar. Hope the international Buddhist community gets involved – we’ll talk about it at the European Buddhist conference next weekend I’m sure. Soup sounds lovely. Namo Amida Bu!

      • Good to see that Dalai Lama believes Buddha would be helping Myanmar refugees. It needs to be discussed amongst Buddhists?
        Back to mundane…the experimental broth worked – the family ate it (said they enjoyed)….unlike the banana curry I attempted and won’t attempt again! 🙂

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