• Ian Summers-Noble posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Feeling gratitude for a great spring solstice break from ‘work’. Plants planted in the garden, new bird boxes up, some interior painting (enjoyable enough but also stuff that was on my wife’s ‘to do’ list for me…win-win!).

    Great afternoon cooking and catching up with music I’ve missed….veggie cottage pie (mash of tatties, sweet tatties and carrots – as ‘haute’ as my industrial cuisine goes) and dancing round the kitchen giving gratitude for this to ‘Harvest for the World’ by The Isley Brothers. My daughter now home after a few days in Edinburgh – missed her – hope she feels the love in the food:)

    Back to ‘work’ tomorrow…helping people and it pays my bills (win-win!). Hope this doesn’t sound smug….just happy.

    Peace, Love and Light

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