• Namo Amida Bu. Condolence to Cynthia and your family. I can empathise with your recent loss. It is just a few months since my mother died at the age of 83yr. Her health deteriorated quite quickly during those final few months. Although sad, it was with some relief to see the end to her suffering. This ending the pain that she had stoically endured…[Read more]

  • Sitting before the Buddha icon the candle flickers in the darkened room. Each breath a recitation, Namo Amida Bu.  Lots going on both internally  and externally. My mind full of images. The most prominent image that of a Bournemouth player who scored in the dying embers of the game at St James Park, Newcastle, on Saturday afternoon  This en…[Read more]

  • Once getting through the usual mental acrobatics, which can be  so difficult at times, it felt good to sitting with the Buddha. A shadow was cast  from the  Buddha icon as the candle flickered  in the darkened room. Despite the difficulties of the day, this offered a sense of peace that spread throughout the room

    Namo Amida Bu

  • Sitting at my mother’s house on this bright but chilly morning I am waiting for a stair lift engineer to arrive to remove the stair lift that my mother had fitted as her mobility weakened.

    The house is almost empty of her personal items now. Just a few items of furniture are left  However, the memories of her as I remember her before she died…[Read more]

  • Sunny spells with showers here in Gateshead. Lovely to know that Sujatin is recovering.

    Spent Friday with my daughter and her little West Highland Terrier. They both seem to have far more energy than me  Spending today with mother who needs some extra care  at this juncture of her life who has not as much energy as me. Nab

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    Sunny in Gateshead today. I have cleared some of the weeds in the small community garden this morning. The garden  is set at the main entrance to the block of flats where I live. The Angel of the North can be seen in the distance.  The gardening area is where the tenants of the block often meet for a chat during  the warmer weather. This is a va…[Read more]

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    Lovely bright and sunny here in Gateshead. Much gratitude to Sujatin for her invite to join her Sangha meeting tomorrow night. Nab

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Quite sunny here in Gateshead at present. Although very misty this morning. The  Angel of the North was hidden by the early morning  grayness. However she is now visible and is quite a sight as she stands tall basking in the evening sunshine. Namo Amida Bu</p>

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    Quite a mild day in Gateshead. Lovely blue sky throughout the day. Lifts the spirits a bit.

    While typing this I am currently visiting my mother in hospital, who was admitted last Thursday. Problems with her stomach again. Not sure of the clinical diagnosis at present. Over the next few days the clinicians will hopefully find what has caused her…[Read more]

  • Hello all. Sunny day here in Gateshead.

    I have spent the past three days taking care of my mother. Although, she has began to feel slightly better this evening. The Dr has  diagnosed what could be a recurring gallstone problem. If this latest health related issue continues, the Dr will refer her to the consultant.

    Despite her frailties, my…[Read more]

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    Smashing to have had a conversation with Sujatin and Kuvalaya. Lovely to know that you guys are around. Nab

  • Windy but warmer than previous here in Gateshead. Thoughts with those in Iraq and other worn torn places. Nab

  • Hello everyone. Cold and overcast here in Gateshead. As I look out of the window, I can see that the Angel of the North is shrouded in mist.

    I have just had a brief conversation with my mother, although in good spirits, she continues to struggle with her health issues as she approaches her 83rd year. My thoughts are with her and all those who…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. Very cold, wet and windy here on Tyneside.

    Met my daughter and her boyfriend today for lunch. My daughter kindly paid for the meal. As I have seen her grow into the beautiful young woman she is, I feel truly blessed. Today her and her boyfriend told me of their plans to get married on 28th, December, 2018. Lovely to hear their…[Read more]

  • Thanks to Satya and Emma. Smashing photos. Lovely to see everyone. Nab. Colin

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