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    Welcome and Aloha Michael! I have never been to Kanas City though I have traveled extensively across the continental US. Glad to you have joined the site. Namo Amida Bu!

  • What a timely message for those of us in Hawaii who are striving to recite a million Nembutsu this year. Namo Amida Bu!

  • Demonstrate an Alternative is a phase much associated with Amida Shu. I first encountered it in the early days of the Amida Trust when there was a lot of activity around animal rights, peace campaigns, immigrant advocacy, etc. I am not sure whether the phrase was coined originally by Dharmavidya or borrowed from another source.

    What does…[Read more]

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    My wife, Judy, has been away at a writers conference in the continental US. Even without her here, there is still cooking and cleaning to be done, dogs to be fed, and a cat to be coddled. There is my job, the daily work that pays the bills.

    Alone, my schedule has not changed much. It is quieter. There are no TV shows or movies, which are Judy’s e…[Read more]

    • What a lovely post to read Ananda. Yes, its so easy to be lost in the daily chores and routines, even though they are necessary. To let go and sit back tunes us back in to what is – The here and now!. Thank you for reminding me of this special, simple and very peaceful practice. Namo Amida Bu

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    In the Christian tradition, today (2/14/18) is Ash Wednesday. It is when Jesus begins his journey towards Jerusalem and his eventual arrest, torture, execution, and the resurrection. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, which a time of repentance (heart/mind change) and prayer.

    Like Christians, Buddhists have a strong confession tradition.…[Read more]

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    Today, January 27th, we remember the Jewish Holocaust. Though we all agree that such an abomination must never happen again, genocides continue. Today it is the genocide of the Rohingya Muslims in the allegedly Buddhist country of Myanmar.

    At times like this, when I feel utterly powerless and teeter on the edge of despair, I turn to the writings…[Read more]

  • What fun. Do play it. It is meant to emphasize how difficult it is to be born as a human.

  • Aloha Vajrapala,

    I like the image of the thousand armed Avalokitesvara as well! However, I worry that if we — as individuals  — are not willing to act as one of Quan Yin’s hands, this image of Avalokitesvara may be nothing more than religious idealism.

    Namo Amida Bu!

  • A Buddha offers refuge to all. Which means that a true refuge — one that is open everybody — will be a messy mix of humanity. They will be loud and cacophonous places filled with people fleeing troubled lands and situations. Refugees will often be stressed, worried, and traumatized. They may speak different languages and have different customs and…[Read more]

  • Good Luck with your talk at First Unitarian! Namo Amida Bu!

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  • Thank you for sharing this wonder insight. Yes! Nembutsu as call and response. Sometimes we are so self-obsessed we need to call out. At other times we awaken to reality of Amida’s continuous presence and influence (call) and the Nembutsu arises spontaneously.

    I, of course, agree that Amida Shu offers a good vehicle for Westerners to enter into…[Read more]

  • All the pureland temples here in Hawaii are just as you describe. Some even have pipe organs! The Soto Zen temple service is a little less protestant, but not much. I am friends with several of the younger Buddhist priests here. They are all aware that their temples need to make some significant changes if they are going to survive much…[Read more]

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    A reminder of how fragile our lives are and how important it is to use them well. Namo Amida Bu!

  • Aloha Avihinsa,

    There are lots of great resources on this site to delve into. Satya does a great job at make this an accessible virtual temple. Since you are on the West coast, you might want to check out the the Amida Hawaii site as well. We are a pretty “luddite” sangha by today’s standards. But we are only a few time zones away.

    I used to…[Read more]

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    What do you do when you receive this message alert on your phone on a Saturday morning: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

    Living in a State with a plethora of possible natural disasters — tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes — we are pretty prepared to take care of ourselv…[Read more]

  • Aloha All,

    A good question.

    The nice thing about our tradition is that we recognize that each of us must work out the path of our own salvation. For some that may mean having an interpersonal relationships with Amida. I certainly know many practitioners like this. For others, the relationship may be more impersonal — formless as Ramakrishna…[Read more]

  • Aloha Ian,

    The BPF is not very active here. Over the years I have tried to connect with them without much luck.

    Yes, how we are in the world is very important. It is often little and unexpected kindnesses that have big impacts on those around us. However, it is also necessary to be audacious. Dharmakara’s vow is audacious. And we are practicing…[Read more]

  • @trijov Wonderful practice! I like the idea of going through the day saying thank you to the things we encounter in our lives: water in the tap, the air we breath, the clothes we wear, the  house we inhabit, the car we drive, the people we work with, the clerks in stores, etc!!!

    Namo Amida Bu!

  • Kaspa, I agree that it can be important to clarify our terms or reframe out understand of concept. I suspect many people associate gratitude with the theist idea of being grateful to a creator god. Which is fine. But from a Buddhist perspective, I think you are right, it is more of an appreciation of all the things that are present in our lives.…[Read more]

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