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    Wayne Otter - "@iansummers-noble Ha ha love it ! Made me smile 🙂 Sounds like you have plenty to be going on with 🙂"View
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    Rev Kaspalita (temple host) - "“In fact, life is mostly one mistake after another. The attempt to be always in the right or to get a perfect formula is self-defeating. There is too much going on. The attempt to always be in the perfectly […]"View
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    clare - "I think i am starting to develop some renunciation for the sensory world. Engaging in it really is a thorn bush. Much more peace keeping things simple. Namo Amida Bu"View
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    Rev Sujatin (temple host) - "Faiths Forum Statement on the Manchester attack Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the attack; those who have been killed and those who have been injured at the concert in Manchester. As […]"View
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    Adam - "Sangharakshita on Self Power/Other Power: My remark about the path of dependence upon self-power being for the spiritually less advanced and the path of dependence on other-power being for the spiritually more […]"View
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    Rev. Satya Robyn (temple host) - "“I wish I might emphasize how a life becomes simplified when dominated by faithfulness to a few concerns. Too many of us have too many irons in the fire. We get distracted by the intellectual claim to our interest […]"View
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    Ananda - "Aloha All, I will be in Austin, Texas for a couple of days at the end of April. If anyone lives in Austin and would like to meet up for coffee, tea and/or some Dharma discussion send me a message. Namo Amida Bu!"View
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    Tigran - "Hello! I apologize for long absence something happened to my account. I can’t understand what’s matter- I want to visit the website, and it is impossible, login and password are incorrect- but I didn’t change […]"View
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    Ian Summers-Noble - "Feeling gratitude for a great spring solstice break from ‘work’. Plants planted in the garden, new bird boxes up, some interior painting (enjoyable enough but also stuff that was on my wife’s ‘to do’ list for […]"View
    active 5 days, 8 hours ago
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    Cayetano - "Good evening! I have just read this from Ivan Latham, member of The International Pure Land Buddhist Fellowship, and it has impressed me a lot: I asked Amida: “What was it like to make such a Vow? To cultivate […]"View
    active 5 days, 9 hours ago
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    Andrew Nicholls (Temple Host) - "The Birmingham home group will start on the third Sunday in June. That’s 18th. We will start with a simple meeting a prayer some meditation and chanting followed by a Dharma talk. I will post the venue nearer the […]"View
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    Andrew Cheffings (temple host) - "My partner, Ian, and me visited Amida Mandala on Sunday. We had a lovely time. I always love the services and afterwards we sat with Satya and Kaspa in the lounge and sang hymns with tanpura and cello. We will […]"View
    active 6 days, 12 hours ago
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    Siddhartha - "Would very much like to get the audio recordings of the Amida Sangeet Choir. Can it be put on the web? Or maybe it’s still developing and needs more time. But provisional renderings can also be put on the web so […]"View
    active 6 days, 21 hours ago
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    Elaine Morris - "My poem Shin rin yoku will be published in Gazing at Gaia, an anthology for Manchester Buddhist Centre. I will be reading in the Lotus Hall before the Golden Buddha. Surprised doesn’t cover it. Send calming […]"View
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    Ivan Latham - "As one recites the Nembutsu heedfully, focussing intently on each syllable, being mindful of the mantra, a curious thing can happen. The calm at the eye of the internal storm is realised and the winds of thought […]"View
    active 1 week, 4 days ago
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