What is your daily practice?

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    Mat Osmond

    I pray the Dawn Prayers and read the Summary of Faith and Practice on many days, though not all, with sung nembutsu, maybe a mala or two, interspersed. I recite the rosary prayers pretty much every day, speaking whatever’s foremost in the heart to Nyorai, as Mother of God. Doing so has been my main daily practice for two years now. Somehow, each of these activities  – nembutsu, rosary – have come to embrace and imply the other, over time: the same entrusting gesture, as it were. Namo Amida Bu, sometimes Namo Quan Shi Yin Bosat, moves among all else, silently on the breath, or spoken quietly. I’m not at all sure this is a coherent way to proceed. In fact, I’m fairly sure its not very coherent. A work in progress, just as we are, as ever. Silent meditation I’ve all but abandoned as a formal practice, some years ago now.

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    Shoyo Fernandes

    For now, I recite Amithba’s in front of his picture. I will be performing a short ritual in the coming weeks.

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    I do a lot of reading but no actual daily practice yet. I do say Nembutsu often in my head amidst an active and loud psychiatric unit that I work on. I would like to establish a simple daily practice before my work day begins

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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