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    Steve Durham

    Winter definitely has come to Chicago — it’s cloudy, chilly (raw), and raining.  And to make matters worse, I’m down with a bad cold.  But the cold will pass, and in time so will winter.  Meanwhile, I’m re-reading 2 books by John Paraskevopoulos — “Call of the Infinite” and “The Unhindered Path” — and for the 2nd time, can’t put either one down.  So rich, so thought-provoking (and, I hope, shinjin-provoking; time will tell).  Namo Amida Bu _/\_

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    It’s Tuesday here again – and  I have seen my first frost, the temperature is still just below zero c.

    I’m looking forward to celebrating Bodhi day soon. Although it’s officially on the 8th Dec. in our calendar, we’re holding our three day retreat next weekend, so preparations have begun.

    It’s also the second anniversary of being here at the temple, yesterday it was two years exactly since we moved in. On the one hand time flies, and on the other, we have learnt so much during this time, that it has felt as full, or fuller than any other two years of my life.

    Namo Amida Bu


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    Hi all – I’m just about to send a message to the old Monday Nembutsu gang on the old site to try and tempt them over – I miss them all : ) Thanks for keeping us going over here Steve.

    Also looking forward to the Bodhi retreat (with the usual slight nervousness about hosting everyone, but this lessens every time we do one).

    The light is falling here so it’s time to put the temple bunnies in their hutch for the night. Namo Amida Bu!

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    I did my Nembutsu chanting on Sunday and Tuesday. I’m finding the image of the River of Fire, River of Water really useful and I’ve started planning a new garden for it on the allotment using flowers to symbolise the different elements. I started my new hour-a-week gardening job for my neighbour today. I pruned her tree mallow. I got rid of unsightly stumps, criss-crossing branches and branches growing into surrounding plants. Hopefully it will thank me in the Spring. This evening the sky was a beautiful colour at sunset, really deep rosy.

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