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    Yesterday I was extremely grateful that I wasn’t accompanied by hundreds – really – of wasps, like I was early Sunday, when I took my puppy, Ojo, outside for his early morning loo break. This had been somewhat scarily reminiscent of a Hitchcock film! They’d been attracted to my head-torch, which I’d had to turn off, and they covered the kitchen window, as the light was on inside. Yesterday, none, but it was later and no light needed. This morning he woke at 5:30am (groan) so the torch was needed. We only saw dozens rather than hundreds. Sentient beings they may be but wasps en-mass do not fill me with delight! How grateful I am that neither Ojo nor I have been stung. Namo Amida Bu!

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    I’m sure wasps have their place in the world, but it’s never easy when they want to share our space!

    This morning it is grey and dark and autumnal again. So much so that I’ve had to put the lights on in my office, the first time I’ve had the lights on during the day, since before the summer. I find it a little harder to get going on morning’s like these.

    This morning my practice was very simple, offering a stick of incense, and bowing to the shrine.

    Over the weekend I was reading Karen Armstrong’s 2nd autobiography, and that’s filled me with a sense of gratitude for my own experience of religion.

    Namo Amida Bu


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