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    On Saturday evening I wandered with another hypnotherapy student to the Choc Fest in Bournville. A Madness tribute band was playing. We sat on a straw bale far enough away from the band to be able to talk without shouting and my companion decided he would like to try brainspotting on me. In the morning he did his session with me and I had a powerful abreaction. The next night I had an extraordinary dream about Amida Shu set in our old front kitchen on the Lincolnshire Marsh. This morning Ian swapped his old piano for a new old one and I wrote up my study notes. Namo Amida Bu!

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    Brainspotting? Abreaction?

    Every year we go to the chocolate festival in Shrewsbury, a posh version of the one you went to I guess! – and spend too much money….

    It’s already Thursday, but never too late to write on the Monday nembutsu. It’s good to see some activity here on the site – the more voices I see, the happier it makes me. All’s good here, I’ve started properly working on my next book which will be about refuge – a Pureland take. lots of clients later, a busy busy week – looking ahead to Buddhafield next Thursday and looking forward to seeing old Triratna friends. Namo Amida Bu!

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    Brainspotting – a therapy which helps you process trauma (and probably other things too). The therapist holds a stick which you focus your vision on. As (s)he moves it you find the place which activates the feelings of the trauma or other difficult event and hold your vision there. I burst out crying, spontaneously, at that point, the abreaction. Then the therapist directs your vision to aid with the processing. I found the process very powerful. Later, at home, I did another therapy following Youtube which my temporary therapist recommended to complete the trauma release. It’s called TRE and involves getting your body to shake out trauma, again, the shaking is involuntary, you allow it to happen rather than make it happen. Afterwards I felt really spaced out. I was very interested that in the brainspotting my right shoulder dropped and in the TRE, it was my right arm which started to shake first.

    Your new book sounds like something to look forward to after reading your last spiritual/self help one.

    Namo Amida Bu!

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    Thanks – they both sound interesting – I’m doing some reading about trauma at the moment, ‘The Body Remembers’ by Rothschild at the moment & ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ next on the list. Bodies are powerful things!

    And thank you – lovely to know that there is at least one reader waiting 🙂

    Namo Amida Bu.

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