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    This morning I started my working week by spending two hours with Kaspa spreading temple compost onto our veg patch (thank you, temple bunnies!) and planting out the first of our veg seedlings – courgettes, kale, cauliflower (I’ve never tried growing these before…), beans & peas. We have more to plant but it feels like a good start.

    I’m pleased that I’ve been able to start the day in this way as my workaholic ways would prefer me to dive on the computer and get ‘busy’ doing ‘proper’ work. I have clients and meetings later, and so it feels good to have prioritised a different kind of work which feels good for my soul.

    Today Tim is working on our bathroom, right next to my office, taking down the tiles that have been precariously hanging off the wall for more than two years now (I know!) and replacing them. Earlier Kris, who volunteers to clean our shrine room every week, walked round gathering fresh flowers for the shrine. It’s good to feel the temple working around me, and send that energy out into this virtual temple. Do let me know what you’re up to, especially if we haven’t heard from you in a while. This is how we deepen sangha connections, by talking about the little and big things in our daily lives 🙂

    Namo Amida Bu, deep bow.

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    On Sunday night, I was reading Satya’s book, What Helps, and I got to the chapter on writing vows. ‘What a good idea!’ I thought, so I wrote a vow. Here it is – ‘However many times I am knocked back, However many times I feel humiliated, May I keep turning towards Amida’s Light, Whether standing tall or crawling’. I wrote that when I normally look at my diary and make my goals for the next day, so the next day, having failed to look at my diary, my hypnotherapy client arrived an hour before I expected, however, this meant that I was freer and more improvisatory and came up with a more flowing hypnotic script. This morning, just before I went out to the chiropractor to have my pelvis realigned, an ex-employer was at the door with a new task for me to do. Annoyed, I crossed the park, then remembered to keep turning to Amida’s Light, so I chanted the Nembutsu in time with my breath and steps all the way to the chiropractor and back. When I got home I checked the work task, knowing that I was not going to do any extra work for an ended contract if I could possibly help it, only to find I had already done it, there was no task to do!

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    Steve Durham

    Namo Amida Bu.

    It has been a long time since I posted (and since I did a lesson in Vow 22, which I sorely regret). Illness and general busyness have kept me sidetracked. A quick update: I will be offering a 1 or 2 session “course” in Pure Land Buddhism (probably jodo shinshu) at my Quaker Meeting House next fall. The larger schedule will determine whether I get a 2nd sesssion, which I hope I do. That will allow some depth in the “course.” It’s a gorgeous spring day here in Chicago (USA) with full bright sunshine and wonderful temperatures Namu Amida Bu! _/|\_

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