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    Well, I’m new but I like this idea and nobody’s started it today, so I hope you don’t mind me doing so.

    It’s Monday.  I finished Satya and Karpa’s book last night.  It was one of the nicest introductions to a school of Buddhism I’ve ever read!  It’s just right I think.  I did wonder, and maybe someone can answer that here, what makes an Amida Buddha statue distinct from any other?  I have five or so in my home, one that I sit near when I meditate, which I think is of the Shakyamuni Buddha (he’s touching the ground) but I don’t know about the others.

    I’ve also been adding five minutes of nembutsu to the end of my daily Reiki practice.  I do it with my breath rather than aloud because my partner would think I’d really cracked if I started chanting aloud.  I do like doing it.  Sometimes I change the words to just be ‘my heart calls out to the divine’ for a bit.

    Love and light


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    Thanks for the kind words about our book 🙂

    Amida Buddha is usually in the meditation position. Amitabha often has a bowl in his hands. Sometimes the meditation position is of fists next to each other, rather than open hands. I have got to know the look of the Japanese Buddhas, which look a little different to the ones from other countries. Although I’m not sure there’s any way to really tell the difference when Shakyamuni and Amida are both in meditation posture.

    My Monday was the last day of my Christmas and New Years break. Satya and I went for a walk on the hills, through thick fog, and I watched the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery 🙂


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    I haven’t managed to get onto Monday Nembutsu until Thursday this week. I got caught up in someone else’s difficulties and found when I wasn’t with them I had very little energy for anything else. I found the Nembutsu very helpful as it was a pause in what was otherwise an extremely reactive time for me. I think it would have been a difficult situation for anyone but I can’t help thinking that I have a tendency to be so blown away by the gale that I can’t think coherently and end up agreeing to all sorts of things which are not necessarily what I am called to do at that moment, and I certainly regret any moments in which I was co-opted into disputes and disagreements which involved third parties I haven’t even met. I think of the analogy of the flexible reed which bends in the wind and the dry grass which snaps and I think I have more kinship with the dry grass, unfortunately. Namo Amida Bu!

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