Monday 5th March

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    Our logs lasted just long enough to get through the ice and snow. I was pleased when the ice melted and I could feel safer walking on the pavement, which, under ice, undulated like glass. It was great to get to the allotment and work on two fan-trained trees with Ian. Some pretty, blue primroses were flowering, faded a little from the previous covering of snow. Last week was odd, at home most of the time because of the ice. I fixed a Japanese post card of a little boat passing under the full moon to my wall shrine. There are lots of people in the picture, walking over a bridge. Below, the man guiding his little boat along seems both with them and separate. Namo Amida Bu!

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    Monday was a morning of errands after the snow: a trip to the vets to pick up more medication for our old cat, Fatty; a trip to the supermarket to fill the fridge; showing Tim, a ‘handyman’ some of the work that needs doing in the temple.

    In the afternoon I finished my novel. I am re-reading Iain M. Banks’ Culture series of books – through them he thinks about what society might look like when all material needs are met, and in this one, Inversions, what good helping looks like. Should we interfere or not?

    In the evening we went to see Lady-Bird at the Cinema (cheap tickets on Monday!). It was an excellent film. Lady-bird’s relationship to her mother is central, and it is both fraught and tender, and the whole film explores wanting and the wounding that creates it.

    Practice was informal today. Catching glimpses of the Buddha statues through the temple. Smelling the insense Satya offered. Seeing my own bonbu nature 🙂

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