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    lovely weather this morning, sunshine and the warmth that it brings. Hope everyone is well and happy. Love to you all on our shared Nembutsu day.

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Glorious, out in the garden first thing. Taking puppy Ojo out always gives me time to note the change in the buds on the trees day by day and the new flowers that are emerging. The ducks are visiting my pond again and I’m feeding them with birdseed in the (probably vain) hope that they won’t manage to eat so many tadpoles! Today looks fine, although it’ll probably not be as warm as yesterday – yes, even here in Scotland! It’s short-sleeve T-shirt weather, with thin fleece on top for when I go for Ojo’s walk, up the hill into the woods.

    Here’s an interesting post – “We Know Nature Makes Us Happier. Now Science Says It Makes Us Kinder Too” Namo Amida Bu!

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    Lovely bright and sunny here in Gateshead. Much gratitude to Sujatin for her invite to join her Sangha meeting tomorrow night. Nab

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    Pleased to know that Gateshead and Perth will be together in spirit, Colin! You have a fair idea of what we’ll be up to

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    Johnathan Robertson

    It is a little bit cloudy but very nice here in Baltimore. My morning practice was a little different this morning as I forgot to buy matches. Since, I could not light my candle, I sat silently for a while and imagined Amida’s light before I continued my routine. I hope everyone encounters that same light today!

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Fortunately Amida’s Light is infinite – no matches needed! NAB

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    Mat Osmond

    Listening to rain gurgling in the drain outside. Missed a week last week, just realised. Love the idea of Amida’s light not needing matches to be kindled in our lives. My matches are anyway often too damp to strike, this being Cornwall. So, just as well. Namo Amida bu


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    I have a couple of hours free this morning so am hoping to get writing again which I haven’t done for a couple of weeks now. Time has passed with the swiftness of light… Ana-Maria our old templemate has been staying this week, and she’s off on her travels today. It’s been lovely to have her here and to hear how she’s carried Amida with her wherever she’s gone.

    Feeling a little reflective – have just finished reading an excellent book on addiction by Gabor Mate (In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts) and noticing how much of my life is driven by compulsion. I’m lucky enough that my compulsions are ‘socially approved ones’ (working, social media) but they still keep me from being free. I wonder what everyone else’s favourite compulsions are… maybe I’ll start a new thread!

    Thinking of the Amida Shu sangha all around the world this morning and sending blessings. Namo Amida Bu.

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    I am recovering a bit from sore muscles, from shoveling a snow storm – it takes a long time for sore muscles to heal. As well as dealing with some new things regarding health insurance so that is why I wrote this observation…I wonder if attempting to follow intensives for health could be considered compulsive? Well that is more or less moot because if you want to decrease your deductible you have to ‘follow’ the program…anyway this is what I penned (Yesterday):


    For achievement
    Stairs and steps
    (I’m back in grade

    We have
    To figure out
    How to connect with

    Lower rates
    Of those who
    Will participate, do some

    There are
    Some hoops I
    Just will not jump


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    Steve Durham

    It is cold and rainy here (Chicago), with temperatures to reach the low 70s (Fahrenheit) by early next week … but not before it snows!  Grrrrr.  I hate shoveling snow.  Snow days are mostly good for staying inside, curled up with a good book!  But snow is forecast for the Suchness of things, so I’ll not complain again 😉  Speaking of books, I finally got my hands on a copy of Suzuki’s “Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism” (pub. 1911) — quite interesting, but a difficult read.  I find I’m especially interested in his exposition of the Dharmakaya realm — I have read quotations from that chapter elsewhere, which is what piqued my interest in the book.  Also reading “How Jesus Became God” by Bart Ehrman, a fascinting look at the historical Jesus (as opposed to the one constructed by the Church in hindsight).  It seems every theological category applied to Jesus, was already current in 1st century Palestine in other contexts, religious (Greco-roman mythology) and political (Roman emperors had some of the same language of praise used about them, which suggests the early Church deliberately was establishing the Jesus cult as an alternative political reality).  Fascinating stuff for these Quaker bones!

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    Did my EMDR trip to Birmingham as usual today. Took my umbrella but it didn’t rain. Pictures of flowers on the wall in the clinic. Jerky music on the radio, coming in and out of focus- fluctuations in electricity?! I had a strange clear mind few moments in the toilet, of all places- the little white tiles gleamed in the light from the electric bulb- for a while I was mesmerised. Exposure Therapy is unpleasant but can lead to real insights. The ultimate insight, how foolish and defeated I am- Namo Amida Bu.

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