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Monday 27th August

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      Back from two midweek breaks, I am catching up with practical things today. I’ve just finished making cardboard dividers to turn a display unit into a bookshelf and loaded books onto it. So now there are two piles less of books in our wardrobes. I was also able to load my hypnotherapy files onto a shelf space so they’re easier to access now too. I can cope with cardboard DIY. Lots of silent Nembutsu over the last two weeks, here there and everywhere, responding to circumstances and allowing some change to occur. I found some interesting religious books as I was rearranging things – lots on Buddhism, Tibetan and Tri Ratna, one on Sikhism and the Dhammapada. I’ve put some on the new bookcase. It will be good to refer to them without having to remember they exist and then searching the wardrobes. Namo Amida Bu!

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