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    Baking hot here, so a mix of enjoying the sun and dreading the watering! Our whole garden could do with a big soaking but it’s beyond our capacity… we’ll keep focussing on the veg patch, hanging baskets and pots.

    Back from a lovely holiday/retreat on my own last week (I’m calling it a holitreat) – great to focus in again on who I am/what I enjoy doing and having a rest. Ready for work!

    Namo Amida Bu – what are you all up to?

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    Steve Durham

    Cool and rainy here (Chicago USA), although in another day or so it also will be baking hot.  My in-laws are moving in with us in another 10 days — both well into their 90s and physically unable to take care of themselves any longer — so our house is torn up as we get our little basement apartment ready for new occupants.  Since all we have otherwise is a little first floor, we are having to move tons of stuff out into the garage.  It is taking forever!

    I have been hard at work on a novel (historical fiction) for the past 20 years (!), and at last it is finished.  Lots of fine-tuning left to do, but the basic story line is intact.  I have an editor to whom I’ll send the first 25 pages for a “test edit” (to see if we like each other’s work) early in August; and assuming that works out, I’ll send the rest of the material and start looking for a publisher.

    Namo Amida Bu _/\_

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    After 5 weekends in a row staying away from home, I can finally start catching up with basic tasks. The last weekend away was particularly rewarding as it included choir practice at Amida Mandala and a choir sharing at the Interfaith Vegan Picnic at Holland House. We even had a choir member from Hawaii. Particular thanks to Cal and Jan for joining the choir, very much at the last minute. I have various links all over the place so you can listen to the choir at Holland House, including in the art room in this virtual temple. I’m really pleased how it worked out, considering the wind blowing the music around and the complete lack of shelter baking us. The London Road in Leicester is particularly awful with the buildings and tarmac absorbing and radiating the heat and all the traffic fumes transforming into goodness-knows-what. Really tired from all the time away, walking back along the London Road from delivering a therapy CD, my OCD took hold, but my subconscious mind reminded me just what to do and I chanted away in my mind as I crossed the park. Namo Amida Bu!

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