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    It’s a beautiful day here in Perth – sunny, a few clouds, 21C, which is as warm as I like it. I’ve walked in the woodland with my dog – the woods are full of tiny wild violets, which always remind me of Dharmavidya’s late mother, Irene, who loved gardening and gave me a pot when they lived in Newcastle. These have travelled with me and multiplied on the way so that my garden, too, has them sprinkling up alongside the paths and in little nooks and crannies. So – thanks for the natural world and for tiny, modest little gems, nestling in the grass.

    Thanks, too, for being able to watch the Royal wedding on Saturday, after a wonderful and touching FaceTime conversation with dear Pundarika and Vimalashri in Tel Aviv…for the beauty, the sublime music, the happiness, the tenderness, the amazing sermon…it’s all about Love, people!

    Namo Amida Bu



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    It has been a lovely day in terms of the weather. And it looks like another couple of nice days to come.

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    It felt a bit sticky yesterday in the Wholefood Coop. I watered the allotment in the evening. The soil is getting really dry now. Our lawnmower gave up on Sunday so the place is looking a bit wild at the moment. This morning I watered our backyard and enjoyed the blue sky with white clouds speeding through and the delicate scent of some white flowers.

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    Lovely to hear from you three – weather, flowers, love! Great to hear that you spoke to our Israeli friends Sujatin – we haven’t spoken for AGES.

    Kaspa is in Eleusis with Dayamay and Dharmavidya as I type – I just went down to speak to David Hope who volunteers in the garden on a Tuesday afternoon and he’s off on Thursday too. Lovely to think of them practising in the barn/shrine room as I hold the fort here.

    I’m trying to take a bit of time out this week in between clients and services and the usual household chores, and have been listening to a talk by Krishna Das. I’m very impressed by him. We are so lucky to have access to so many teachings, both from people and places and things.

    Have been getting involved in the new vegan group in Malvern,and hoping to hold a session here once a month for those who’re new vegans/vegan-curious. Feels good to be doing something tangible. Small actions add up…

    Sending love to all, Namo Amida Bu.

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    Steve Durham

    In Chicago (USA) we’re coming out of an unseasonable chilly spell, into some unseasonably warm (hot) weather.  I think over all I miss the chilly weather!  I’m a Quaker serving as a police chaplain (interesting mix!), and today was “Police Recognition Day.”  The chaplain team along with graduates of a “Citizen Police Academy” put on 18 hours of food, including 3 meals plus coffee, sweet rolls and donuts, soft drinks and bottled water (which the officers take with them in the squad cars) as a way of expressing our great appreciation for the work done by this department.  The police department here is an honorable institution and I’m very proud to be associated with them.  Namo Amida Bu _/|\_

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