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    Johnathan Robertson

    Yesterday, shortly after the Mandala service, I went Hoin’s memorial ceremony. The service went very well, especially since the sangha only had seven days to plan something they had never done before. Hoin, the unofficial Abbot of Burning House Zendo, will be missed.

    Today marks seven days since my mom’s partner, Judi, passed away. I extended my morning ceremony to include a memorial service for her. She will be missed for her generosity and devotion to my mother.

    In light of the loss of family and friends within the last seven months, I’m grateful to have taken refuge. I only hope that I can be as helpful to others as others have been helpful to me.

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Quite a mild day in Gateshead. Lovely blue sky throughout the day. Lifts the spirits a bit.

    While typing this I am currently visiting my mother in hospital, who was admitted last Thursday. Problems with her stomach again. Not sure of the clinical diagnosis at present. Over the next few days the clinicians will hopefully find what has caused her latest health related problem

    Despite the suffering and illness  that I can see a round me, It feels such a blessing that we have the N.H.S.



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    Monday Nembutsu for me was again a visit to my local temple. Nice to see other schools of Buddhism and the way they come t with the Buddha.

    Namo Amida Bu

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    My thoughts are with your mum, Johnathan. Namo Quan Shi Yin Bosat. And yours, Colin.

    It’s been a busy weekend and it’s also good to see some busy-ness here at the virtual temple, with new people arriving and hearing from old friends. We’re meeting friends from a different Buddhist tradition for a coffee this afternoon before my 2 clients, and I’m hoping they’ll have some of their vegan cake… for medicinal purposes of course.

    If you’re new here the idea of Monday nembutsu is that we all join and chant for alittle while on Monday, and then check in here – sometimes Monday, sometimes we’re a bit late and post Tuesday, or Thursday…….

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    Mat Osmond

    Last week I began work as a Union rep for a colleague who’s health has been harmed at work. Shadowing her at meetings – that usually end in tears of frustration.

    Having long felt I was ‘too busy’ to pick up Union stuff, I find myself now very grateful for the chance to do it, as I realise that a kind of quiet depression has settled upon me – and pretty much all of my colleagues – about the management’s culture and values. Doing something to help instead of just lamenting how grim it all is has flipped what I only now see clearly, for flipping it.

    Thinking of you Colin and Jonathan, and very appreciative of the ever-open door here Satya.

    Namo Amida Bu, Namo Quan Shi Yin Bosat

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    Johnathan Robertson

    Mat, thank you. Also, I’m glad to hear that you are helping your fellow worker. I’ll be thinking of both of you.

    Namo Amida Bu

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    This week’s Monday Nembutsu brings a tear to my eye, literally, reading the above contributions. Difficult times are never far away, yet these can be the same times we feel most held in the light. I got to my Nembutsu chanting this morning after two busy days. Meaning to break into my usual chant, I found myself spontaneously chanting an old chant. I found myself instantly back on retreat at Amida Mandala. I looked in my diary- it was almost a year ago- and symbolically it felt just like a year. I wrote a new hymn:


    You have disappeared into the night,

    Carrying with you the reasons you othered me.

    I am left with the shock, the fear, the uncertainty.

    You have too much to bear to speak to me.

    By comparison, I seem insignificant.

    You have disappeared into the night-

    Namo Amida Bu.

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    Mat Osmond

    Beautiful, thanks Andrew.

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