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    Monday Nembutsu for me today. Visited the pagoda, meditated with Theravada monks. Didn’t make their retreat this year. Feel I missed something but had to work.

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    A quite day yesterday for me, Satya was away in Southampton at the Shin conference, sharing nembutsu with Shin priests from Japan. My nembtusu was just me and the Buddha.

    First day back at work today, I missed the shared morning practice here – I am missing more than I am attending at the moment, but early mornings are the spot my old depression rears its head and the way through that for me at the moment is to go easy on myself and then it usually clears itself away.

    I was pleased to manage some physical yoga this morning, and have cleaned and dusted (!) my office ready to engage with work again, after our summer break.

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    Back from our two mini-midweek breaks in Malvern and Skegness. Our car was broken into in Worcestershire so we had no car for Skegness and had to use the train instead. This then meant that we had to take a taxi to get to Gibraltar Point, south of Skegness. It was all a bit tiring. We walked miles in a surprising late summer heat in Skegness. The town isn’t designed for shade and it took us a while to find a bench under a tree, whose leaves had been depleted by the earlier summer drought, where we recovered with water and dark chocolate. It was sad to see how many trees had given up during the drought in Gibraltar Point. But there were positives in both breaks too! Namo Amida Bu!

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