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Monday 17th April

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      It’s bank holiday today so I’m not at work at the wholefood co-op. I had time to do my formal Nembutsu practice this morning for a change. I’ve just hoovered downstairs and done my weekly shrine clean on our shared shrine. We went out on Saturday and visited Dad in his care home. We took him to a big lake nearby and sat in the sun, watching the geese on the lawn. So I’m in a work mood today. I’m going to hopefully catch up with lots of bits and pieces. My thoughts today:

      I take back my choice,

      My agency

      To decide on my own ethical way forward,

      And take the consequences.

      Namo Amida Bu.

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      Johnathan Robertson

      Easter was very nice. After church, my wife and I had lunch at the tavern below our apartment and then we spent the rest of the day catching up on school work. Unfortunately, I’ve had to put my Intro. to Pureland course on the back-burner as my college work has increased. I do plan to take some time to get back to it today as Mondays tend to be a “rest” day from college assignments.

      Namo Amida Bu

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      Good to check in here & hear from you both, Andrew & John. Today is the first day of our forst week off this year. We found a new Quan Yin for the garden on a shopping trip this morning (she’s become guardian of the tadpoles 🙂 ) and after a big roast lunch I’m getting on with proofreading Dharmavidya’s new book Questions in the Sand which is going to be a BRILLIANT new resource for Amida Shu.

      My thoughts are with Sujatin who’s been unwell and with our local sangha member Ed who is in hospital in Birmingham. 

      My workaholism means that holidays bring stuff up for me !! but I’m looking forwards to some contemplation time & a more leisurely week, including time with friends and the Sangeet Pureland Choir this Sunday. Namo Amida Bu, love to all.

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      Nembutsu for me today will be spending time with family. Swimming this morning and then a coffee and share img food together this evening. Later when I’m home chanting for a while.

      Love to all

      Namo Amida Bu

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      Hello everyone – I’m extremely grateful for the love and prayers from my sangha and for the expertise, professionalism and kindness of the doctors, nurses, porters, ambulance personnel and all who took care of me from Friday evening onwards. I had a sudden TGA (Transient Global Amnesia) episode, which I’d never heard of previously.

      I’m recovering at home, tired and cognitively impaired, on top of being both because of M.E. I was able to drive a short distance this morning, which I’m pleased about. Apparently, even should one have an episode while driving, one would remain competent. It’s unlikely but possible that one have another but it’s reassuring that they are nothing to be afraid of.

      I’m grateful to be recovering. I’m grateful for this body (and mind, such as it is) and I have to admit that I’m happy that this lifetime is continuing for now.

      My puppy was delirious with joy when I returned home from the hospital, having spent the first night of his life alone – he’d either been with his mum and siblings or with me. A little fluffy, warm and adoring body next to one is a great comfort. Now the rain has stopped so I’ll take him for a short walk in the glorious countryside.

      Namo Amida Bu

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      A quieter day here in Malvern after a peopled few days. Satya’s brother and his family were staying here at the temple, and their Nan was staying just up the road with Satya’s parents for a little while, so the whole family got together on Friday, and then we had some time with the youngest members of the family (4 & 6) at the weekend, including an Easter egg hunt in the temple garden.

      I’ve just returned from a gentle walk around town, and the park by the theatre where I saw a couple of moorhen chicks, paddling around the edge of the large duck pond. Today the pond was so full that in one place it was spilling over the footpath and away down the hill.

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      Mat Osmond

      Hello there, strolling in late here as usual! Very pleased to hear your feeling better, Sujatin.

      Scrolling through (all) your news, Satya’s new tadpole-protecting Kwan Yin has merged in my mind with a fluffy baby moorhen, an image of Kwan Yin which I like enough to keep forever.

      Am re-reading ‘Blossoms of Amida Buddhism’ , a page with each Dawn Prayers. Like music.

      April in Cornwall can be so beautiful! Namo Amida Bu

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      Enjoy beautiful Cornwall! What is Blossoms of AB? Rings a bell – something Dh wrote?

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      Mat Osmond

      That’s right, Satya. Do these look familiar? As you see, I’ve found a few spare, so happy to send up if you don’t have any?

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      Ah, the Just As You Are booklets! Yes we have some thank you – Namo Amida Bu 🙂

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