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    I spent the weekend away in Birmingham on my hypnotherapy training course. Lots of practise as therapist and client. Going into trance a lot over the weekend always has an odd effect on my dreams and insights. It was drizzling in Bournville, the trees were incredibly green and the birds were singing, song echoing round the valley. I was inspired and wrote lots of songs and hymns. A golden-yellow Buddha appeared in one trance. I listened to what it had to say to me. I heard no words but my subconscious took something in as it told the therapist when it had finished listening via my forefinger. I felt that some of the communication came over via the hymns. Namo Amida Bu!

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    You should try a walk in the new hall valley. It’s on the outskirts in Sutton but well worth the trip.

    I often cycle along the pathway it is good for mindfulness and being close to nature. You can forget that you are in a huge urban area and drift into the countryside. Surrounded by trees with a little stream running all the way through the cycle path. The experience leaves me feeling really quite relaxed.

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