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    With Sunday and Monday as our ‘weekend’, Tuesday is my Monday – so to speak.

    The weekend was full of people and chocolate cake for me. Saturday we had a wonderful service, in which I talked about how all Buddhas can be seen as manifestations of Amida, and how we can treat all beings and everything as if they are Buddhas. This set us up well for taking care of the temple, when we give some love to the physical space.

    Saturday lunchtime we saw Satya’s parents. Sunday afternoon we saw my parents. It’s always interesting moving between these different clans and reflecting on their different cultures.

    This morning I woke up a little more slowly, and grumpily, than I had planned, but the grumpiness quickly left – which I am thankful for.

    I spoke to a friend from Japan this morning, about his own Shin Shu faith and practice, I’m about to listen to the conversation again, and it will be inform an article I’m writing for the new Running Tide. Wish me luck 🙂

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    Namo Amida Bu. I’ve just spent the morning writing MY article, which has been a really helpful process – I feel like I understand myself (and maybe even the teachings) a bit better than when I started.

    The sun is shining here. Tomorrow I’m going to a local interfaith day where I’ll speak about our tradition alongside 7 representatives of other faiths. I’m really looking forward to the delivery of our new front-of-the-temple Buddha on Saturday, his shrine is ready for him (a concrete plinth on the top of the big old tree stump in the front car park), and yesterday I bought two cute little pots of pinks to offer him when he’s in place.

    The weekend was a mix – parents (!!) and too-much-leisure-time and also some good rest. I’m looking forward to my week. I’d love to hear how you’re doing…

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    Surprise dental work on Thursday left my mouth a little bruised and with some ulcers. I felt strangely absent from reality as a result. I was in Birmingham at the weekend for my hypnotherapy course. We’re onto the freeky-deeky stuff now! I woke on Sunday morning to find my hotel in the middle of the St Patrick Day Parade enclosure. After much walking about I eventually found where the number 50 bus had been diverted to and got to Kings Heath with 10 minutes to spare (I was glad I’d set out an hour and a half before start time!). Coming back, trains to Leicester had been cancelled and all us passengers got onto three coaches in Nuneaton. I was entertained all the way home by the chat of the two women behind me who sounded like they’d had a good time at the St Patrick Day Event. I was pretty tired out by Monday evening so I’m glad to have some recovery time today. I’ve made a Yogachara/Pureland based hypnotic induction which I’ll try later in the week. Namo Amida Bu!

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