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    I sang the Nembutsu again this week for my main practice. I’m finding the Alexander Technique phrase, ‘refrain from habitual reactions’, particularly useful this week. I can apply it to mental as well as physical habits. I was reminded of it by Dharmavidya’s book, Questions in the Sand. He was writing about how you can’t use self-power to undo the problems caused by self-power. The addition of faith makes, ‘refrain from habitual reactions- Namo Amida Bu- listen’, otherwise, how on earth will I replace self-power habitual reactions with something more wholesome.

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    Monday was a day of rest here. In the morning I listened to a new music podcast from NPR – very nice just to sit and listen for a change, rather than listening whilst reading or working. I then spent some time working in the garden, which is good for the garden, and good for me. The afternoon was spent doing a couple of errands and then descended into napping and watching TV :/

    The phrase, “proceed with faith” has being coming up when I practice nembutsu recently, although I can see there’s a danger that even that becomes another self-power ideal.

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Monday Nembutsu for me was a service with theravadin monks at a local vihara.


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    Johnathan Robertson

    I spent Monday remembering Mom. I also did a little work at church. Namo Amida Bu!

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