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    Axel Benz


    My name is Axel, I’m from Germany, 56 years old and married.

    Some time ago I began with the Introduction to Pureland Buddhism course but never finished it  – it was not the right time (in hindsight I guess due to personal work-related problems: Not the right moment to ponder the importance of love…)

    But as I seem to be coming back to the Amida Shu’s books and websites again and again, this might be the time to give it a new try…

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    Hello Axel – welcome! I feel very close to my European Buddhist family as we’ve just returned from the European conference in Malaga – so good to welcome you here. It sounds like you’re already engaging with the materials, do let us know if there’s anything we can help with, and I offer half an hour of practice on Facebook every Thursday  at 8pm if you’d like to join me, http://www.facebook.com/amidamandala. Namo Amida Bu!

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    Hello Axel – welcome back!

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    Let me know if and when you’d like to take up the Intro course again. You had 2 lessons but could start again – whichever you prefer. Let me know, too, if you’d like to continue (or begin again) with me or I could ask the current course co-ordinator, Sanghamitra, to find you a new tutor.

    Looks like the ‘affinity with Amitabha Buddha’ is re-emerging. Wishing you plenty of happiness and love on your onward journey.

    Namo Amida Bu




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    Johnathan Robertson

    Hello Axel! Welcome back and I hope you can continue your course. Namo Amida Bu.

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    Axel Benz

    Thank you all for the welcome. Sorry for the late reply but last week was a little tense: work, school (I’ve been working in a nursing home for some years now as an assistant nurse and started the training as a geriatric nurse – is this the right word? – last September) and our ‘gardening season’ began!


    I am grateful beyond words that you give me the opportunity to start the course anew! Thank you very much for sending me the two lessons again.

    Namo Amida Bu


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    Very glad to be back in touch, Axel. Geriatric nursing – such an important area. Your life sounds full! Just take your time with the course. Namo Amida Bu

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